It's Not Just About Coding - The Book

Learn how to conquer interpersonal relationships, gain emotional intelligence, and fall in love with your career all over again.

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Table of Contents

  1. FATAL_ERROR: 5 Biggest mistakes I ever made in school
    • The Basics
    • What NOT to do in order to succeed as an engineer.
    • How does your behaviour in school influence your future professional life?
  2. Diff Segfault: A Tale of 2 Brians
    • Admiration for a rival
    • What are the best things to learn from a person with good and bad qualities?
  3. System Reboot: The 3 key protocols that saved me in my career
    • How I fell down, and got back up during a particularly stressful & depressing period in my career
  4. Running Lean and Green: A Military School of Hard Knocks
    • Lessons from the military, that can help you become a better engineer
  5. Matrix of Thought: Philosophies learnt from knowing Kung Fu
    • What philosophies from knowing kung fu can you apply to your daily work?
    • A story from my best friend, who happens to be one of the smartest investors
  6. CPU Overheating: Conquering Anger & Interpersonal Relationships
    • Mistakes I personally made, and learnt from
    • What is anger, and how to overcome it in order to allow everyone to win, including YOU
  7. Git Gud: 6 Techniques on succeeding in collaborative projects
    • Communication techniques during group projects
  8. Ant-Man’s Intellisense: How to solve every programming problem you will ever meet
    • Become a debugging GOD
    • Know how to be fully autonomous in your code
    • Note: This is not a chapter on how to do programming, but how to overcome the mental blocks found DURING programming.
  9. Depressingly Deprecated: Why you need to upgrade your operating system
    • Case studies of engineering in later life
    • Negative qualities to avoid
    • Positive qualities to aspire to
  10. If you are good at something, never DO it for Free()
    • A look at 2 different work cultures
    • Funny Observations
    • What was found effective/ineffective